“This book completely changed the way I look at health, beauty, and balance. Author, Elisabeth Thieriot’s insights are brilliant, healing and life changing. Through this philosophy I have learned that true balance is achieved by living in alignment with nature and beauty comes from the interconnectedness and balance of physical health, spirituality, and emotional well-being. I have learned that It is just as important to feed my body with the proper nutrients as it is to feed my mind with positive thoughts. Reading this book has allowed me to reveal my true beauty. A must read!!”

“Elisabeth Thieriot’s book, Be Fabulous At Any Age, has really been a real life changer for me. Not only do I look at my lifestyle & the way I eat differently, I see the science & reasoning behind her views and it has totally made me reevaluate my day-to-day routine. I also loved her outlook on skin. She stresses that beauty comes from a balance of interconnectedness & that it’s a result of our own spiritual and emotional condition. On top of that, she digs deep into the science of why certain foods & products affect more than just our external skin. Her views can help people around the world & I wish I had gotten a hold of this book earlier! When you read it, you really do learn so much. This book is a truly a treasure & I highly recommend it for people of all ages to read!”

“Very interesting and insightful read! My quality of life has improved since reading this book! As a twenty-something girl, this book shed light on how to start improving my lifestyle. Living seasonally is a concept I never thought twice about, and now since reading this book, I am constantly reminding myself of the philosophies I learned through Elisabeth Thieriot’s Be Fabulous At Any Age. I truly do feel fabulous!”